Our winery and vineyard on G Road was the inspiration for this stylish red table wine- blending bright fruit forward Syrah with, dry structured Cabernet Franc; a wine with surprising depth with a spicy playfulness- the perfect "house red".

$21.38 (tax incl.)

This Sauvignon Blanc was all grown in our vineyard in Palisade, Colorado. It was aged in only stainless steel leaving a crisp, fruity, smooth white wine with a dry finish.

$18.17 (tax incl.)

Produced in the ice wine style, a late harvest, Riesling.  The wine is delicate & aromatic with rich, fresh fruit flavors of honey melon, lemon and apple. 

$21.38 (tax incl.)

Blended from premium red wine & fortified, we added a hint of chocolate, producing a wine with a smooth sweet finish. The perfect after dinner drink-decadence in a glass!

​$19.24 (tax incl.)

Viognier is a very aromatic, full-bodied Rhône varietal. Un-oaked in the traditional style, this wine has rich tropical tones of mango and pineapple with a hint of pear. Noted for its low acidity and smooth finish. A perfect compliment with grilled seafood. $16.04 (tax incl.)

Rhone style Syrah with a smooth, velvety texture and finish. Nice mineral flavor and  structure. Sure to please even the most picky palate.

​$21.38 (tax incl.)

Lagniappe Blanc (Dry Muscat) is a unique wine made from muscat grapes in a traditional dry style. Resembles a fine Alsatian wine from France. 

$16.04 (tax incl.)